FILM: Mission Impossible- Fallout


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What was the last good movie that starred Tom Cruise- and was a hit at the box office?

If you are having trouble recalling one you are not alone. So I looked- I guess it would be ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ which was kind of a futuristic sci-fi version of ‘Groundhog Day’- and it was pretty good. But that was over 4 years ago. So Cruise was due.

And this new ‘Mission Impossible- Fallout’ is his hit! It delivers plenty of thrilling stunts- several of which Cruise did himself- lots of plot twists and has many fun scenic locations shot all over the world (give an award to the location scouting team- they deserve it!).

Tom Cruise; Vox and Paramount

The story has Cruise- as Ethan Hunt- working again with his Impossible Mission Force, under the guidance of Alec Baldwin- and it is fun to see Baldwin playing a good guy for a change- and featuring Ethan’s IMF teammates played by Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg and- at times- Rebecca Ferguson and Michele Monaghan, who plays Ethan Hunt’s ex-wife.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie who, notably, wrote the screenplay for ‘The Usual Suspects’- if you never saw that one, go see it-  and this might be the best Mission Impossible movie yet. As was the case with several films in the series, it was written again by Bruce Geller – here at the top of his form with a plot where an anarchist terrorist (played by Sean Harris)- whom Ethan knows far too well- has a plan to detonate three nuclear weapons simultaneously in key religious locations around the globe.

While it is about as plausible and realistic as a James Bond movie- which it does resemble- it ratchets the action and suspense way up high.

Henry Cavill with Angela Bassett; Digital Spy

It isn’t really a spoiler if I tell you that Henry Cavill plays a double agent who has won the confidence of the CIA Director- played no-nonsense style by Angela Bassett- which, of course, later leads to make the IMF’s mission that much more impossible at a crucial time with everything on the line.

The fast-moving plot manages to fill in some of Ethan’s back story with the reintroduction of Michele Monaghan, as Ethan’s ex-wife, Julia. As Ving Rhames explains to another woman, Ethan and Julia divorced because Ethan didn’t want to risk his wife being used by bad guys to get to him- so they divorced for her own protection.

The IMF team; Rotten Tomatoes

I’ve always found Rhames  fun to watch- and his role here certainly affirms that. Simon Pegg plays the other key member of the IMF team- and he provides some comic relief- even during a fight scene.

Even if it isn’t realistic, this mission is a fun non-stop roller coaster ride and I give ‘Mission Impossible- Fallout’ 4 stars out of 5- it really might be the best Mission Impossible film out of the 6 in the series so far.

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