My Guide to Family Shows on Broadway, part 2

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I am frequently asked what are the best shows to take the kids- or grandkids- to see on Broadway. Today I will tell you. Here is the chance to create lasting family memories for about the cost of seeing a pro sports game- but your favorite team might actually have the nerve… to lose the game! And that can ruin an otherwise great day. So here I will help you find a show that’s a winner!

Previously, I gave you my list of 5 shows to take younger children, ages 6 to 12. Today I focus on shows to take mid-teens and up.

Starting, alphabetically, with ‘Beautiful’- the Carole King musical features many great songs and the triumphant real life adventures of a true American talent. You will be amazed at all the songs you know and the story is great- especially in Act Two, when it transcends from just a good juke box musical to a powerful human story.


‘Come from Away’- for mid-teens and up. An uplifting story of hope for humanity after the tragedy of 9/11 and a great way to start a discussion about those events for kids since they either weren’t yet born or were too young to comprehend the impact of 9/11. Trust me, the ‘Come from Away’ story is truly upbeat and uplifting.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’- the best show on Broadway. Yes, it’s better than ‘Hamilton.’ But it’s not for younger kids as it deals with heavy themes, though it’s a great show to see with older teens and discuss afterward. Note- Best Actor winner Ben Platt is only in ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ through November 19th, so get tickets to see it before then.

‘Kinky Boots’- For older teens due to adult themes & alternative lifestyles, it has great music by Cyndi Lauper and a marvelous dance scene on conveyor belts.

‘Hamilton’ & ‘Hello, Dolly!’- If you want to pay ridiculous ticket prices, sure, these are very good shows, but I am giving you more affordable options here and, for the price of one ticket to either of these, you can take the whole family to see any of the others, with the exception of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’- which I did tell you here months ago to buy your tickets then… so I tried to save you money on that one. But, even at high ticket prices, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is worth it.

‘School of Rock’- a couple of curse words make this for mid-teens and up but what a fun show all around, and it’s inspiring, too!

‘Waitress’- Not the best, but not bad. ‘Waitress’ has some fun theatrical scenes and good music by Sara Bareilles in a story for mid-teens and up.

If you have younger kids, ages 6 to 12, and you missed my guide to the shows for them, fear not. That list is posted at my website, Katz Reviews dot com.

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