My Guide to Family Shows on Broadway


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I am frequently asked what are the best shows to take the kids or grandkids to see on Broadway. Well, listeners (and readers), today I will reveal the answers! And, before you think it is too expensive, let’s compare a Broadway show to a pro sports game. Good seats to a pro football, baseball or basketball game each costs at least $100- and often much more- and, keep in mind, you pay that money and your team might actually have the nerve… to lose the game! And that can ruin an otherwise great day.

So, for a special occasion that can create a great memory that lasts a lifetime, consider taking the kids or grandkids to a Broadway show.

The only question: How to pick a show that you know will be a winner?

Never fear. At this point, I’ve seen every family-oriented Broadway musical and I will advise you what to see- and what is best to avoid.

Today I will cover shows to take younger children, those ages 6 to 10 or 12. I can’t recommend taking kids younger than 6 but you know your kids and, if they can sit relatively still and quiet for two-and-a-half hours, then maybe consider it.

Here is my list of 5 tried and true timeless hit musicals now on Broadway:



‘The Lion King’

‘Phantom of the Opera’ and


Simply put, you really can’t go wrong with any of those. Of the 5, my favorite is ‘Wicked’- a great story you can discuss for hours afterwards (as my family did) with terrific costumes and sets plus several epic, memorable songs including ‘Defying Gravity.’

Next would be ‘Phantom of the Opera’- the venerable Andrew Lloyd Weber classic with ‘The ‘Music of the Night’ and that famous chandelier scene.

  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Image:

‘Anastasia’ is a favorite of young girls, in particular- being it’s the story of a princess. It’s a fun show and features a great chase scene on a train that is a clever theatrical effect.

What about ‘The Lion King’? Yes, it is here. Not my personal favorite but it is hugely popular. I didn’t love the music but the costumes and sets are pretty spectacular.

‘Aladdin’ is fun but I think the Genie in the show has the most fun. Still, it isn’t a bad choice.

And ‘Frozen’ is coming to Broadway later this year. Yes, ‘Frozen’ is already a very hot ticket.

Now you might ask, “What about ‘Cats’ and ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’?” No, I can not recommend them. I didn’t like either one at all and I just gave you 5 far better choices. So I say avoid both ‘Cats’ and ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.’

If you have older teens then please check back as I will give you my guide for them in another edition coming soon.

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This is Ed Katz talking theater for WICC 600!”

Note- This post was originally aired and published on September 19, 2017 and ran again on November, 7, 2017, as it became one of my most popular posts. With the holidays coming up, and people thinking about what could be some fun family activities, I felt it made sense to feature this again.